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Dubai Municipality denies rumours about Luppo sweets


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Sumayya Saad, Staff Reporter

The Luppo sweets are not available in Dubai and the authorities concerned with importing foodstuffs confirmed that the product is not available in all markets across the UAE, Iman Al Bastaki, Director of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, said.

Al Bastaki said so in response to a video recently circulated on the WhatsApp that Luppo sweets contained hidden pills of unknown source.

All Dubai markets were surveyed and as a result the product, which was not registered with the municipality was not found, she said, adding that the municipality sent inspection teams to the markets and foodstuff points of sale to ensure that the product was not traded.

She affirmed that she communicated with the importing company’s representative, who confirmed that the product was not available at all in the markets and that the manufacturing company in the country of origin was following up the circulated video.

Al Bastaki explained that the Food Safety Department is monitoring all imported and locally circulated foodstuffs and is stressing the necessity for all food establishments to make sure that their products are safe and good for human consumption.

The department is calling on the public not to believe and circulate rumors before making sure they were authentic from the reliable official sources, she said.

All food establishment undergo regular inspection and samples of the products manufactured in the emirate are taken constantly to ensure they are in conformity with the conditions and specifications, she added.

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