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Dubai Police sponsor diabetic family’s treatment


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Represented by Essad Card Committee, the General Headquarter of Dubai Police, has taken the pledge to sponsor all healthcare and treatment expenses for a former employee and three of his sons who are suffering from chronic diabetes.

“This humanitarian gesture falls within Dubai Police’s keenness to spread happiness among members of the society, and attend to people’s needs, especially in the two key pillars of one’s life, health and education,” Mna Al Ameri, Chairperson of Esaad Card Committee said.

Hanaa Taiseer, Head of the Health Sector of Essad Card Committee, elaborated that the 75-year-old former employee’s health insurance has expired like those of his sons. Therefore, Dubai Police in collaboration with Emirates Specialty Hospital, provides them with free-of-charge treatment and care, as their health condition needed special and consistent health supervision.”

The healthcare coverage includes free medical consultations, blood and diabetes tests, following-up with nutritionists and provision of necessary medicines. It also will assist them to expand their knowledge of their nutrition needs as diabetic patients.

Dubai Police recently organised several training courses for the first batch of military service cadets who participated with Dubai Police in securing Expo 2020 Dubai, at the Aviation Security Training Center at the General Department of Airport Security.

Major General Pilot Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani, Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief for Ports Affairs, said that this series of courses fall within the framework of UAE government strategy to empower and support the national cadres with specialised and professional skills. Based on the partnership and cooperation relations between Dubai Police General Headquarter and The National Service and Reserve Authority, the military cadets started their training sessions as of today and it will continue until the opening of Expo Dubai in Oct 2020.

Bin Thani pointed out that the training programme will enrich and expand the knowledge of the military service cadets on security inspection procedures. Upon completion of all required elements of the programme, military cadets will obtain an accredited certification from the centre under which they can serve as security inspectors in the field of airport security as well as securing events.

Alongside several workshops and pieces of training, throughout the year, the military cadets will apply plenty of scenarios that simulate the actual operation of the massive global event, Expo 2020.

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