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Hong Kong clashes resume in shopping centres, streets


Residents dressed for Christmas festivities react to tear gas as police confront protesters in Hong Kong. AP

Clashes resumed in Hong Kong on Tuesday between police and anti-government protesters, some of them donned in Santa Claus hats, as the more than 6-month-long demonstrations look set to move into the New Year.

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Hong Kong police say suspect fired shot during protest-related arrest

Black-clad protesters smashed shop windows, while police responded with tear gas and the arrest of a number of demonstrators.

A woman walks on the street after police use water cannon in Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong. AFP

The protests demanding greater democratic rights show no sign of ending despite the overwhelming victory by anti-establishment candidates in elections for district representatives earlier this month.

Tuesday's protests were focused on the city's mainly working class Mong Kok district. In response, police ran down suspected protesters in shopping malls and on subway trains.

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