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Gang of three accused of stealing vehicles


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Ehab Atta, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday started the trial of a gang of three African brothers who stole from several vehicles. The suspects were arrested when they broke the quarter glass of a vehicle and nicked what was inside.

According to the official records, the main suspect and the mastermind of the operations stole a large number of cars including the one in question with the help of his brothers.

They went to Umm Suqeim area where they saw a group of cars parked on a sandy stretch near a luxury hotel in Dubai.

They broke the glass window of the cars including the vehicle in question and stole a black bag, which was later found not to contain valuable things.

The second defendant in the case confessed that he and his other brother, who is still at large, were assigned merely to watch, while the eldest brother used to select the place and the cars and had an experience in opening vehicles with a screw or otherwise by breaking the glass of the car.

A report issued by the General Department of Forensic & Criminology showed that the fingerprints taken from the stolen cars were identical to those of the suspects, which proved that the three brothers were involved in the repeated car thefts.

Recently, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred an unemployed African, 28, to the criminal court for stealing two diamond rings, which cost between 6,000 and 10,000 dirhams, from a house that he was working in as a supervisor.

The owner of the house testified that workers responsible for fixing the light system were at his house, and were supervised by the defendant, who entered the house’s rooms with to complete his work.

After the workers left, the owner’s wife noticed the disappearance of her two diamond rings, and immediately notified her husband who rushed to report the incident to police.

Accordingly, the accused was detained and referred to the criminal court.

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