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Man accused of stealing motorcycle


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Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned a case in which a Gulf citizen was accused of stealing a motorcycle from the victim’s house after the owner refused to sell it to him.

According to the complainant’s mother, who came to the court on behalf of her son, who was absent for studying commitments, the motorcycle was almost new and her son bought it for Dhs27,000 around 4 months ago. She added that her son used to look after his motorcycle and never left it outside the house lest it could be stolen. On the day of the incident, the defendant came at around 1:30am, sneaked into the house and stole the motorcycle, she said.

The defendant, however, confessed to the charges levelled to him but denied them shortly after, pleading that he told the motorcycle owner several times that he was prepared to but the motorcycle but his request was always rejected. The defendant also denied that he sneaked into the victim’s house, pleading that he had been remanded in custody for 4 months now.

Asked about his confessions before the public prosecution, he said his confession was coerced.

The court ordered that the session be adjourned till March 3 for a verdict.

In another recent event, the Dubai Criminal Court jailed a maid for three months, to be followed by deportation, on charges of stealing two golden rings from the home of her employer, valued at Dhs13,000, to help her boyfriend who was going through a financial crisis. The court charged the maid with theft and the second suspect with possession of the two stolen gold rings.

Investigations indicated that the victim discovered the two rings belonging to his wife were missing, and when he asked the maid about them she denied.

A week later, the maid asked her employer to go out but he refused to go out on her own. The next day, she sneaked out of the house and when he found out her absence, he called her but she did not reply, so he made sure she was the one who stole the rings. He called the police that came to the house and arrested her.

On being questioned, she confessed her boyfriend was going through a financial crisis, and she stole the two rings to help him.

In a separate event, the Dubai Criminal Court sent an Asian driver to three months behind bars to be followed by deportation, on charges of molesting a European woman while transporting her to her home.

According to the case papers, the victim was in a restaurant in the financial centre in Dubai, and stopped a taxi, asking the driver to transport her to where she resided. When she got in the back seat, he started molesting her with bad words, and when they arrived near the building, he got out of the car and sat in the back seat near her, then closed the door and molested her.

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