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Arab man impersonates a doctor, embezzles Dhs25,000 from medical centre in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred a 43-year-old Arab employee to the criminal court for committing five different crimes, including forgery, embezzlement, and impersonating a doctor.

Details of the incident show that the suspect had forged official documents and used them to register in the Health Authority, and had also embezzled an amount of Dhs25,000 from a medical centre.

The suspect also forged a professional licence of a doctor, which helped him join three different medical centres and work as a physician.


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The victim testified that he had made an agreement with an owner of a medical centre to come to the UAE and work with him.

Accordingly he registered his information with one of the UAE’s medical authorities to receive a professional licence.

The centre’s owner agreed to complete the employment process for the victim until he arrived in the UAE, but later the victim changed his mind about joining the medical centre.

However, the victim was surprised to receive messages from the health authority stating that all payments had been made from his account to complete the registration.

He also discovered that multiple work permits for various medical centres had been issued under his name.

The victim immediately contacted the suspect to ask about the ongoing activities, but the suspect asked him to calm down and set up a meeting to discuss it.

When the two of them met, the suspect tried to bribe the victim with Dhs21,000 that he had received as a salary from impersonating a doctor.


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