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Unemployed duo in court for stealing Dhs40,000


Photo has been used for illustrative purposes. File / Reuters

Mahmud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

Two unemployed Asians have been charged with stealing around Dhs40,000, in both UAE and foreign currencies, from a computer network store.

The case has landed in the Dubai Criminal Court.

Official records reveal that the second defendant got acquainted with the first in a neighbouring country and was lured by him to come to the UAE for robbing stores.

The second entered the UAE with the help of an accomplice who hid him in the trunk of his car to cross the border for a charge of Dhs1,000.

The first defendant made a plan according to which the second would monitor the place as he robs the computer network store.

The second defendant confessed that on the day of the robbery, he watched the place for around 30 minutes, when the first managed to steal around Dhs40,000 of various currencies.

He also said he recieved Dhs5,000 as his share of the loot.

In a similar case, two Asians have landed in the Sharjah Criminal Court for allegedly robbing a restaurant and causing physical damage to it.

Public prosecution investigations reveal the duo broke into a restaurant in Sharjah on Oct 19, last year, by destroying the glass of its outer window. They also stole Dhs1,500 from its safe.

In the court the defendants confessed to the charge.

But, when they were informed about their punishment, they changed their minds and denied the charge.

The court has adjourned the case to March 9 to announce the verdict.

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