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VIDEO: One death and 277 more coronavirus cases announced in UAE, sterilisation drive on


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

UAE reported 277 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases to 2,076 in the country.

The UAE health ministry also announced the death of an Asian with complications from coronavirus, bringing the number of deaths in the country to 11.


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The ministry said 23 new cases recovered from the disease. The total number of recovered cases jumped to 167 in the country.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson for the UAE health sector said with the strength of UAE’s investigation and continuous monitoring on a large scale, enables us to discover more cases and limit the spread of the virus.

The UAE, with all its medical staff, is able to detect the virus and its locations as soon as possible.

Farida: Our intensification and expansion of examination procedures to all citizens and residents enhances our success to contain all infections and further reduce the spread of the virus, and thus eliminate it.

The UAE government is keen in such conditions to closely monitor the needs of citizens, residents and visitors, and provide their basic needs and the needs of their families as a priority.

Farida said, “We realise that there is a pressure on electronic purchases and timely delivery, and that the UAE government is working closely with the private sector and outlets to facilitate electronic purchases and raise their capabilities, and solutions will be developed and announced within 48 hours.”

Farida also we must reconsider our celebration this year, and stay away from any gatherings that may be dangerous to our health and the safety of our families.

Farida said we always mention and emphasise physical spacing and follow precautionary measures such as wearing masks, washing hands and sterilizing surfaces constantly.

Farida said the new corunavirus mainly affects the respiratory system, not blood, so it is not likely to be transmitted through insects or through a mosquito bite.

Farida said families are not recommended to bring children to associations or outlets, and only one member of the family should go shopping in such places, and follow precautions such as wearing masks and gloves, maintaining physical spacing and keeping a distance between people over a metre.

Farida said the aim of intensifying the examination procedures is to limit the spread of the virus.

Therefore, the testing centres in the country were expanded, and the mobile examination centres were opened, and the latest methods and techniques are used to conduct these tests.

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