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Pakistan calls for implementation of US-Taliban peace agreement


Aisha Farooqui.

Pakistan has called on for the implementation of the historic agreement inked between the US and the Taliban for peace in Afghanistan, amid a spike in violence in the war-torn country.

"Pakistan believes that the US-Taliban Peace Agreement has provided a window of opportunity to the people of Afghanistan to work together for the ultimate aim of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

"We hope that the Peace Agreement is implemented in its entirety so that it leads to the next stage of Intra-Afghan negotiations," Aisha Farooqui, spokesperson of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said at her weekly briefing on Thursday.

Farooqui was asked to offer comments about the Taliban rejection of calls for humanitarian ceasefire and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's order to security forces to end active defence position and resume offensives on militant groups including the Taliban, reports Xinhua news agency.

She said there was no proposal under consideration by Pakistan to host intra-Afghan negotiations in Islamabad but efforts were underway to help get the intra-Afghan negotiations initiated, which is the next logical step after the signing of the agreement.

"We hope that these efforts are successful at the earliest," Farooqui said, adding Pakistan and Afghanistan share the ultimate objective of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

"Pakistan has always supported a peaceful, democratic, united, stable and prosperous Afghanistan connected with the region. Both countries maintain regular contact on issues of mutual concern. Pakistan hopes that a lasting peace will be established in Afghanistan," the spokesperson said.

The Taliban and the US signed the agreement in Qatar on February 29, which paves the way for withdrawal of all foreign troops.

The agreement faces challenges as the intra-Afghan dialogue that was scheduled to start on March 10 could not due to differences over the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners by the government.

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