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VIDEO: Saudi woman working in a barbershop wins praise


A videograb shows the woman trimming a child’s hair.

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The video of a Saudi girl working as a professional barber has been doing the rounds on social media.

The young lady explained the details of the video and received wide reactions.

She is seen in the clip inside one of the salons trimming and styling the hair of a child, and explained that she works in a solons for children, not for men.

The news was reported on the Saudi news website sabq.

She confirmed that she loves children and works in a salon that specialises in their hairdressing only.

She did not do anything that would bring harm or disgrace to her family and her community so that we fear criticism, she said.


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Some social media users have praised the woman, calling her the pride of Saudi Arabia.

She said, "I love this profession and I learned it through looking at some YouTube videos, as well as through my sister.

She was interested in this field and then trained on the children in the family until she mastered it.

“Then I joined the shop, which is a profitable profession and I love it."

She also said, "I have been working in this shop for nearly 7 months, but the recent video was misinterpreted the facts.

“I have never worked with men. Rather, it becomes clear to those who look into the video that it is a children's salon, and here may be some confusion about it."

She concluded: "I did not commit anything that violates my religion, morality, nor did I come out with an appearance that offends my family, my community, and even myself, and I did not expect some to go further than that. Many visited me in the shop and their words motivated me."

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