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Meet the Emirati who defeated breast cancer twice


Nawal Al Hosani poses for a photograph.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Emirati Nawal Al Hosani began her story of battling  breast cancer by appealing to women to pay attention to their health, and to conduct periodic examination of the breasts, because early detection would make all the difference in treatment and cure cancer.

Nawal, who is 45 years old, said: “My experience with breast cancer was very difficult, as it was discovered by chance. I did not do any examination.”

During my visit to my gynaecologist, she did a regular breast examination, and noticed small lumps, so she asked me to do an X-ray for the sake of reassurance. After the results appeared, the lumps were found to be cancerous cells.

“It was a great shock for me, as I did not expect to have this disease.”

She added that the doctor asked her to go to a specialist to confirm the situation, so I went to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, which is run by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) in partnership with the Mayo Clinic.


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I met Dr. Salem Al Harthi, who conducted the procedure required for examination, analyses, and took a biopsy to make sure they were really cancerous cells.

Nawal explained, “I started radiotherapy until the size of cells were reduced, and the sessions continued for two months, after which a part of the breast was removed.

Pink-Caravan-Oct11-main1-750 A Pink Caravan mobile clinic set up in Sharjah. File

“I recovered from the disease and returned to my normal life, but after a year of my recovery I felt the presence of a tumour in the other breast, and I went back to a doctor.” She asked me to do an X-ray

She analysed the results and said that the tumour was a rapidly growing cancerous cell, and she asked me to go to the hospital immediately.

She indicated that she met Dr Alaa, an oncologist.

After initial tests it was confirmed the tumour was a cancer cell, and that it was different from the previous type, and that she had to start treatment immediately.

 Nawal said, “I started chemotherapy which continued for some time. But I recovered and returned to my normal life.”

Nawal has urged everyone to go for the Pink Caravan screening, and pay special attention to their health.

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