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VIDEO: Martyrs are timeless symbols of patriotism: Mohamed Bin Zayed


Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed meets female Emirati soldiers in Abu Dhabi. File/ WAM

The passage of years increases the glory of UAE martyrs because they are timeless symbols of patriotism that adorn our history with glory and pride, said His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

In a statement to 'Nation Shield,' the UAE Armed Forces magazine, on the occasion of Commemoration Day, Sheikh Mohamed paid tribute to the nation's martyrs who "are like the stars that illuminate our present and future with the noblest values and meanings and urge us to give more for the sake of the homeland."

Below is the statement in full text:

"Commemoration Day enhances the feelings of pride of the most loyal people of the United Arab Emirates, both military and civilians, who have fulfilled what they pledged to God and the homeland. They sacrificed their lives in the field of bravery and honour in the UAE and overseas, thus performing the greatest heroism and sacrifices in history.

Our martyrs carried the UAE in their hearts and minds, and sacrificed their lives for the sake of its pride and sovereignty and the dignity of its people, without hesitation, because to them the UAE was dearer than anything else, even their own lives.
While recalling the great sacrifices of our martyrs on this sacred anniversary, we affirm that the UAE will always remain strong and proud, striding towards progress and leadership, thanks to the love, unity and loyalty of its children, and their trust and support for their leadership, and their willingness to give all they can to defend it.

On this great day, which carries deep connotations, the feelings of Emiratis - old and young - unite, just as their hands cooperate in the fields of national work for the sake of the advancement, progress and leadership of their country. We pray to God to have mercy on our heroic martyrs as we cherish their memory, stand in reverence before their sacrifices that are unparalleled, and express our gratitude to them. We affirm that the nation will never forget what they have provided, and will always follow their example of courage to defend our sovereignty, capabilities, and authentic values and morals that are rooted in the depths of our history and civilisation, and are an extension of the noble principles of our Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on his soul.

The passage of years increases the glory of our martyrs because they are timeless symbols of patriotism that adorn our history with glory and pride. Our martyrs are like the stars that illuminate our present and future with the noblest values and meanings and urge us to give more for the sake of the homeland. They always remind us that our country deserves a lot from us because it gave, and continues to give, without limits, and that our precious homeland merits sacrifice with blood and lives. It reminds us that defending our homeland is a sacred duty and an honour that cannot be matched by any other.

The values of sacrifice represented by our martyrs are the values on which strong nations are built, through which they achieve their progress and development and take their distinguished place among other communities. Societies that make sacrifices in defence of their values, principles, dignity and higher interests are the ones that build their present and turn to the future with confidence, and preserve their supreme national interests in a world full of dangers.

Our martyrs are not among us physically, but they now represent timeless values and meanings that never die. As we prepare to enter the next 50 years of our nationhood, we evoke these values and meanings embodied by the martyrs, and draw inspiration from them to determinedly overcome difficulties and challenges. We draw supplies for our journey towards achieving our ambitions and aspirations across various fields.

The true celebration of our martyrs and loyalty to their lives is through dedication to serving the UAE in whose defence they sacrificed their lives, and through sincere work to raise its flag high in all fields.

On this glorious day, I send my salute and appreciation to our valiant Armed Forces, with all their formations and units. They are the symbol of our pride, strength, and protection, who teach their children that nothing is dearer than duty to our nation. The Armed Forces are the fortress of the UAE, the protector of its capabilities, its gains, and its cultural achievements, and the symbol of the unity, cohesion and solidarity of its people. I salute all our security and civil institutions that participate effectively and sincerely in the comprehensive national development system that the UAE is experiencing in various fields.

I salute the families of our loyal martyrs, and I assure them that the UAE, the government and people, will always remain by their side, caring for them and their needs, in return for the great sacrifices made by its children and in appreciation for their most wonderful examples in patriotism and composure. In particular, I greet, on this occasion, the mothers of martyrs who embody the distinguished historical role of strong and courageous Emirati women - the repository of the authentic values of our loyal people.

The heroic martyrs sacrificed their lives in defence of righteousness, justice and peace. The UAE will always work for development and peace in the region and the world, and will be a beacon of regional stability, with its balanced policies and firm stances that open the doors of hope for a better tomorrow for all the people of the region and the world, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

May God have mercy on our martyrs, protect the UAE and its people from all evil and harm, and perpetuate the blessing of security, stability and unity on us.
Peace be upon you all."


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