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Indian president says new laws protect farmers’ rights


President of India Ram Nath Kovind speaks during his state visit to Switzerland, at the Muensterplatz in Bern, Switzerland. File/Reuters

Three farm laws passed by the Indian government provide farmers new rights along with protecting their existing rights and facilities, the country’s President Ram Nath Kovind told parliament on Friday.

Angry at what they see as laws that benefit large private buyers at the expense of growers, tens of thousands of farmers have been camped peacefully at sites on the outskirts of Delhi for more than two months.

But a procession of tractors on Tuesday when the country was marking its founding as a republic turned violent when some protesters deviated from pre-agreed routes, tearing down barricades and clashing with police who responded with tear gas.

The violation of law and order on Republic Day was very unfortunate, Kovind said.


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