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Asian maid booked in theft case


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Asian maid, 38 years old, was apprehended and referred to Criminal Court on robbery charges, after she stole a Dhs15,000 worth gold necklace from her employer in Dubai.

The employer reported the robbery to police during last December, after he heard from his mother that his sister’s white gold necklace was missing from the house.

The family suspected the maids serving at their house, so they assigned the senior housekeeper to search their rooms for the stolen Dhs15,000 necklace.

Indeed, the necklace was found hidden inside a drawer next to the defendant’s bed.

The defendant was arrested by police on robbery charges, and prosecuted to receive maximum punishment for her crime.

SALESMAN ARRESTED IN FORGERY CASE: A 50-year-old Asian salesman was arrested and referred to Criminal Court, for forging a leasing contract and attempting to lure and scam victims to steal their money in Dubai.

During last November, the defendant initiated his scamming tactics and offered an apartment for rent on an online website, then waited for tenants to fall victim into his trap.

A female victim was tricked by the online apartment advertisement and contacted the defendant in order to rent for him.

They both met to discuss renting procedures and fees, and the victim paid Dhs2,750 and issued a Dhs9,000 check in return for the contract.

Later onwards, the victim discovered that the apartment’s space was registered different than reality.

She contacted the defendant, who in his turn confirmed that he could solve the problem and will review the contract.

The defendant instantly blocked her number to escape the calls, and the victim had no other option but to go to police.

Police revealed to the victim that the contract was forged. The defendant was apprehended on forgery and scam charges by the Dubai Public Prosecution.

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