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VIDEO: Abu Dhabi Police share video of ‘rogue’ motorist bypassing traffic

A videograb shows the car in the middle of the road.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Police share a video of a motorist changing his lane from a layover area on the left side of the on the road to the extreme right bypassing the traffic and putting the lives of others at risk.

The police said such reckless behaviour of the driver is dangerous for everyone. The motorists not only is breaking the traffic law, but also preparing the ground for a major accident.


The video showed the motorist reversing the vehicle. Then halts on the layover area. The driver then makes the move to exit the main road by bypassing the traffic to enter the ramp on the right.

The police asked social media user to share their comments on the reckless driver.

The Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers not to be distracted from the road, by avoiding using the phone to browse the Internet, social networking sites, making a call, taking pictures, and other behaviours that may lead to accidents.

The car is seen reversing in the layover area.

The police called on drivers to avoid the reasons that lead to their lack of control over their vehicles and their deviation from their lane, stressing the need to pay attention and focus on and monitor the road, not to be distracted by the phone while driving, use signals when changing lanes and use wing mirrors to make sure that there is space that allows movement to the other lane.

The authorities have stressed that the application of Article No. 29 of the sudden deviation of the vehicle, involving a fine of Dhs1000, and 4 black points.


The Abu Dhabi Police have warned drivers about the risks of using mobile phones to surf the internet and social media sites while driving, as well as other behaviour that could cause accidents.

The Police urged drivers to focus on driving to avoid accidents, not cause traffic congestion, and refrain from crossing red lights, stressing its keenness to promote traffic awareness through its social media platforms, in partnership with media outlets.

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