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VIDEO: Military student foils car theft in Saudi in a dramatic chase

A combo image shows Dulaim confronting the culprit.

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A military academy student in Saudi Arabia foiled a car theft at a petrol station in a heroic move. He has been widely praised in the kingdom.

According to Sabq News, the student undergoing training at the security forces facilities in Riyadh ran after a man who was making a getaway in a car parked at a petrol station on Tuesday and caught the culprit.

The suspect was immediately handed over to the security authorities.

The student, Dulaim Bin Htel Al-Masa’ara Al-Dossary, narrated the incident to the Saudi news site that while he was at a restaurant at a fuel station on the Riyadh-Dammam road, he heard a conversation between two people about a car thief around the area.

He then noticed a man suspiciously getting into a car.

The student told the news site, that at that point it struck him that he should go after him.

The suspect turned on the ignition and was getting away when Dulaim clung to the car and stopped it by force. Then then the vehicle owner came running quickly. We restrained the suspect and called (911), and immediately the security patrol came, and I received the perpetrator after recording the witnesses' statements.

Al-Dossary revealed that it became clear later that the vehicle belonged to one of his fellow students in the course, who was preparing to graduate.

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