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Cleaner jailed for 3 months in theft case


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Sohaila Ahmed and Amir Al Sunni, Staff Reporters

A cleaner working at a medical centre was sentenced to 3 months in imprisonment, followed by deportation and a Dhs1,400 fine, for robbing official documents from his workplace.

The incident dates back to last December, after the management of the medical centre filed a robbery report against the defendant.

The defendant was caught stealing the company’s documents and some keys. Surveillance footage revealed the defendant’s robbery, and he was arrested by police. The defendant confessed to his crime and was prosecuted to receive the mentioned sentence as a punishment for his doing.

MURDER CASE: The Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi has returned to the Ajman Criminal Court the murder case of a GCC national, who was killed with a white weapon in a fight.

The Court of First Instance jailed 6 suspects who participated in a brawl with white weapons on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Street 3 years ago, which resulted in the murder of two GCC nationals.

The first suspect was sentenced to execution on the charge of premeditated murder, besides 3 years in jail for attempted murder and one month in jail for not adhering to traffic signs.

The second and third suspects were sentenced to 7 years in jail and the court ordered them to pay blood money and Dhs20,000 for permanent disability they caused to one of the victims.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth suspects were jailed two years and the seventh was jailed for one month for not adhering to traffic signs and driving an unlicensed and unregistered vehicle.

The court also ordered the deportation of all the suspects after serving the jail term.

Details of the case date back to January 2018, when a report was received by the Central Operations Room of the Ajman Police alerting a fight with white weapons on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Street in Ajman, towards the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.

Police patrols and criminal investigations team rushed to the scene where they found a dead body of a 22-year-old GCC lying on the street, after being run over, and the dead body of another, 26 years old, who died after being stabbed with a white weapon.

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