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Food stalls outside shops not permitted in Ramadan

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah City Municipality announced that it would suspend issuing permits for displaying various types of food on tables in front of stores during this year’s Holy Month of Ramadan. The decision is based on the municipality’s keenness on complying with the highest health standards and is part of the preventive and precautionary measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

To this effect, Sheikha Shaza Al Mualla, Assistant Director General for Public Health Sector and Central Laboratories, confirmed that the municipality suspended issuing these permits for the second year in a row as part of its awareness efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and apply preventive and precautionary measures in food establishments, especially during Ramadan when these establishments usually witness an increasing demand by the public.

The decision comes as part of the municipality’s precautionary measures to preserve the public health and safety of consumers, this being one of its most important priorities and objectives, she said.

Meanwhile, Al Mualla stated that the Food Control Section at Sharjah City Municipality started receiving applications from food establishments wishing to obtain permits to sell food to non-Muslim communities during daytime in Ramadan, as these establishments are allowed to carry out their activities during Ramadan in accordance with the necessary permits and regulations approved by the municipality.

She explained that through its Food Control Section’s inspection teams, the municipality would inspect all food outlets and establishments to make sure of their abidance by the decision not to display any food outside their stores.

The municipality would take the necessary measures against offenders according to the approved regulations, she said, adding that as many as 45 inspectors were assigned for this job.

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