Video of a giant lizard terrifying shoppers at a convenience store in Thailand goes viral - GulfToday

Video of a giant lizard terrifying shoppers at a convenience store in Thailand goes viral


A videograb show the 'monster' reptile resting atop a shelf at the store.

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A rare customer at a supermarket in Thailand recently sent staff as well as other shoppers running for their lives.

According to a report published in the New York Post, a massive Asian water monitor terrified shoppers after going on the rampage through a 7-Eleven store in Bangkok, Thailand.

The original video of the incident was deleted fromTwitter but not before it racked up nearly a million views.

The clip, which was reposted on Facebook, shows the monster reptile scaling a shelf of milk, knocking off cartons and causing onlookers to cry out in shock.

“The shelves are ruined! Oh my God,” a voice can be heard exclaiming about the reptilian interloper which, at up to 8 feet long, is the world’s second largest lizard after the Komodo dragon, according to Everything Reptiles.


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The clip concludes with the water monitor resting atop the shelf, near the ceiling, while bystanders guffaw in the background.

It’s unknown why the lizard entered the shop in the first place, although some speculate it was trying to escape the humid outdoor temperatures.  

Fortunately, despite their massive size, the opportunistic predators don’t pose a threat to adult humans, instead choosing to feast on everything from eggs to small mammals and carrion, according to experts at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

Nonetheless, the scaly shopping spree left social media in a tizzy.

“Godzilla is real guys,” wrote one social-media spectator.

Another described the scene as “nightmarish.”

“Whenever you’re hungry, visit 7-Eleven, huh?” snarked a social-media comedian in reference to the convenience-store chain’s motto.

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