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UAE issues guidelines for Eid Al Fitr prayer, timings


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The UAE authorities on Monday announced that Eid Al Fitr prayers would be held in approved mosques or Eid "Musalla" across the UAE.

Service facilities and places of "Wuḍūʾ" will continue to be closed.

The mosques will open only 15 minutes before the Eid prayer and close immediately after the completion of the “Khutbah.”

It is decided to limit the prayer time to 15 minutes, including "Khutbah," where precautionary measures, such as wearing masks and physical distancing must be applied.

Authorities and volunteers will supervise the process of entering and leaving the places of prayer, to prevent congestion.

Additionally, gatherings and handshakes before and after prayer are prohibited in all their forms, where greetings and congratulations from a distance would be enough.

It is strictly forbidden for individuals in contact with COVID-19 patients, and people suffering from chronic diseases to attend the Eid prayer.

The elderly over 60 years of age, and children under 12 years old must avoid going to the Eid prayers, to ensure they’re healthy and safe.

Authorities stressed on the importance of adhering to the precautionary measures in place, especially during the blessed Eid Al-Fitr period and avoiding family visits and gatherings.

Gatherings should be limited to members of the same family living in the same household, while ensuring to wear masks and commitment to social distancing when sitting with the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Authorities recommended offering congratulations and blessings to relatives and friends through electronic communication channels, and refraining from exchanging gifts and foods between neighbors.

Giving away the “Eidiya” to the children, or even cashing them from banks and circulating them among individuals during this period must be avoided. Alternatively, electronic means of communication must be used.

Eid Al Fitr prayer timings across the UAE.
Abu Dhabi: 05.57am

Al Ain: 05.50am

Madinat Zayed: 06.01am

Dubai: 05.52am

Hatta: 05.49am

Sharjah: 05.51am

Ras Al Khaimah: 05.48am

Fujairah: 05.48am

Umm Al Quwain: 05.50am

Ajman: 05.51am

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