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Three Asians arrested for breaking into villa in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a gang of four Asians, one of whom is still at large, to three years to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs6,250 after they were convicted of stealing the same amount of the fine plus ATM cards, a computer and a mobile phone from the villa of a financial manager.

The case dated back to last August when an Asian financial manager, 33, filed a complaint in which he stated that three Asian people wearing medical face masks broke into his bedroom. One of them tried to restrict his movement, while the second gagged him and the third hit him several times in the head with an iron bar, the victim added.

The victim stated that he tried to resist the perpetrators but could not because they were many and he sustained multiple injuries from the assault. He, however, was able to remove the mask of one of the perpetrators but the latter covered his head with a plastic bag and put a plaster on his mouth.

The victim added that the gang members left him after stealing his wallet, which contained Dhs6,500, in addition to other sums of money in various currencies, 7 ATM cards, an ID card, a mobile phone, a computer and fur from the villa. 

A policeman testified that a team of detectives could identify one of the perpetrators and arrested him. He confessed to having robbed the villa subject of the case in collaboration with three Asians, one of whom used to live in the same place and helped them enter the villa by giving them all the details of its inhabitants and disconnecting power supply of the villa.

The policeman added that the convict confessed to having hit the victim in the head with an iron bar and gagging him with the help of the other perpetrators before stealing the victim’s wallet, computer and mobile and running away from the scene.

The other perpetrators, who were later arrested, confessed to the charges.

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