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Dubai Police arrest maid after Facebook post shows her wearing stolen jewellery


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 47-year-old Asian maid was accused of robbery by her employer, after she had discovered that several of her gold jewellery were missing from her Dubai villa.

The employer filed a police report against the housemaid and took the case to court. The court records point out that the defendant had stolen gold items including several earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets over the period of time she was working at the victim’s house.

During investigations, the victim testified saying, “Since 2013 and until 2018, I discovered that my gold jewellery were going missing from different places around the house, including my daughters’ jewellery as well.”

By asking the defendant about the missing gold, she denied her knowledge of how any of the items went missing. However, the family decided to end her services during 2018.

“In April, 2021, I noticed pictures of the maid on her Facebook account wearing some of the stolen gold. Accordingly, my family reported the incident to police to retrieve the missing jewellery,” the victim said.

Police carried out investigations to identify the defendant’s whereabouts, and successfully placed her under arrest on robbery charges.

Some of the stolen jewellery were returned to the owner, including a gold necklace with her daughter’s name carved on it.

The thief was prosecuted and referred to criminal court for committing robbery and betraying the trust given to her by the victim family.

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