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3 Africans jailed for snatching woman’s bag containing Dhs170,000 in Dubai


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Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The criminal investigation teams at the Dubai Police were able to uncover the circumstances of the theft of Dhs170,000 from an Asian woman, after she has withdrawn the amount from a bank.

It was found that three Africans were behind the incident, as they were monitoring her when she withdrew the amount from the bank.

This was revealed by Colonel Makki Salman Ahmed, Director of the Crime Scene Department - the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence and Criminology at Dubai Police.

The perpetrators were arrested within 24 hours, as they admitted to the theft, and consequently, they were referred to the Public Prosecution for further legal action, he added

Makki explained that the operations room at the Dubai Police received a report from an Asian woman, indicating that she had been attacked by three Africans, who stole Dhs170,000, after she had just withdrawn from a bank in Al Quoz industrial area.

The victim also said that the three men were riding a car, which the security teams were able to identify. 

Through the investigation, the police learnt that it was a stolen car and that the perpetrators had washed it to erase any track on it, Makki added.

The perpetrators were identified and arrested even before opening the stolen bag of money thanks to the efficiency of the investigation teams.

They tracked the car, which they used in committing the crime and managed to arrest one of them.

The one who was arrested guided the police to the other two.

They confessed that they had all been following the victim since she left the bank and headed to her company, and when she entered a sub-street, they stopped her, snatched the bag and fled the scene.

Makki urged community members to exercise caution in order to protect their property from theft, not to count money or show it to strangers.

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