Sheikh Mohammed stokes the patriotic spirit, says love the nation's people and sacrifice for them - GulfToday

Sheikh Mohammed stokes the patriotic spirit, says love the nation's people and sacrifice for them


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid with children at an event.

Gulf today, Staff Reporter

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has shown that he is a leader to be emulated. To illustrate, the way he has revolutionised the landscape of Dubai into a towering example of astounding development is something that should be seen. The emirate boasts some spectacular highrises, including the iconic Burj Khalifa that has put the whole world in awe, state-of-the-art civic and medical services, and creature comforts for the residents that have enhanced relaxed living to a new high.

It all stems from his deep-rooted love for his nation, the interests of whose people are always in his heart. He has highlighted that whoever wants to serve the country should serve the people; love and sacrifice for them.


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Sheikh Mohammed published a video clip on the platform TikTok under the hashtag #TeachMeLife, which read: “Whoever loves the country, serve, love people and sacrifice for them because they are the homeland and everything else is just dust on top of it.”

The Ruler of Dubai regularly shares leadership insights on the video-sharing site.

Earlier, Sheikh Mohammed said that everyone must organise time in order to achieve their goals.

In a video with the hashtag #FlashesofLeadership on Instagram, Sheikh Mohammed said, “Time is like life for me, you can’t store it like a river. You cannot step on the same water twice, because it is past. You cannot store life also because it is continuous."

"In other words, if you can organise time, then you can organise everything. First, he has to remove the cloud from his eyes and begin to feel positive.”

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