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Sharjah limits number of worshippers at some mosques to curb the spread of COVID-19


A view of a mosque in Sharjah.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah local emergency, crisis and disaster management team launched a security campaign to enhance precautionary measures in mosques and mosques located within the industrial, commercial and residential areas.

The campaign is called Salamah (Safety).

The campaign, which was launched on Friday, aims to reduce the number of worshippers at mosques that have space constraints.

The decision was taken after a brief study was conducted by the Sharjah Police.

Sharjah-Police A Sharjah Police officer mans a checkpoint.

It was noticed that mosques in industrial and commercial areas could not accommodate large numbers of worshippers, this was leading to crowding in the mosques. It was also noted that some people were praying outside the mosque in the sun.  

The police said the workers’ buses would take them to the large mosques located in the main squares of the emirate.


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These mosques can accommodate large number of worshipers.

The worshippers can also follow the precautionary measures issued by the UAE health ministry to curb the spread of  COVID-19 cases in the country.

All workers would be informed about the campaign through a text message sent to them. The message will also explain the purpose of the Salamah campaign.

The authorities have called upon all members of the community and various entities to unite and unify efforts their efforts in the fighting the pandemic.

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