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Asian duo impersonate policemen, break into flat in Dubai


Photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Asian duo were arrested and referred to the Criminal Court after breaking into an apartment in Dubai and robbing a victim of Dhs2,500.

The incident dates back to this May, when the defendants and other runaway accomplices targeted the victim and began to execute their robbery plan.

During interrogation, the victim testified saying, “I left work around 9pm and headed home with Dhs2,500 in my wallet. I spent the rest of the night with my roommates until we heard a loud banging on the door.”

Six intruders broke the front door wearing the local costume with an Asian-looking Arabic speaker among them. The Arabic-speaking defendant claimed to be a CID officer and asked the victims to show their identification papers.

Without a notice, the defendant slapped the victim so hard that he fell to the floor. He then stole his iPhone and wallet with Dhs2,500 inside. Meanwhile, the second defendant was forcefully telling the roommates to show their IDs. He also directed a slap to one of the roommates.

Tables turned when the second defendant realised he previously met the roommate somewhere, and terrifyingly shouted at his accomplice to bail out.

They rushed out of the apartment, with the roommates on their hunt but unfortunately couldn’t catch them.

Police were alerted to the incident and immediately began their investigations. On the following day, the victim asked his friends to get him the first defendant’s number.

He contacted the defendant and pressured him to return the stolen phone. The robber complied.

When the victim asked about his wallet, the defendant revealed that it was in the possession of the second accomplice.

Police cooperated together with the victim to place the two defendants under arrest for the committed felonies.

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