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Emirati man guns down mother and two brothers in Al Ain, arrested


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Muna Al Badawi, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police announced the arrest of a young Emirati man who killed three members of his family using a firearm in Al Ain, noting that all procedures are underway to refer the accused to the Public Prosecution.

A relative of the victims of the Al Ain murder, Musallam Al Sa’iri, stated that the killer had a criminal record and was sentenced to 10 years in jail in a drug case, adding that he was released 4 months ago with a general amnesty.

Al Sa'iri explained to Emirates News that the accused entered the house of his family carrying an automatic weapon, a machinegun, and found his brothers having dinner. He opened fire on them, killing his mother and his older and younger brothers, Al Sa’iri said, noting that the killer is mentally ill and takes pills.


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The incident left a state of sadness, as this type of murder is socially unacceptable and alien to the secure society of the UAE, regardless of the reasons and motives that prompted the perpetrator to violate the moral and religious principles and standards.

A number of legal advisers stressed that crimes that fall within a family are considered rare in the local community, which is governed by high customs and morals apart from religious and moral sanctions. In addition, the UAE has strict legislation that ensures the highest levels of security, safety and stability, while the individuals of the society are highly aware of the UAE laws.

Ahmed Mohammed Bashir, a legal adviser, said the UAE society is one of a few societies that enjoy a very high level of social and security awareness and are blessed with security, safety and tranquillity. This is attributed to the tremendous efforts exerted by the UAE's wise leadership and to the vigilance of security forces at all levels, he added. Nevertheless, an extraneous crime takes place from time to time which members of the local community are not accustomed to, he said.

Hani Ahmed Dalati, another legal adviser, affirmed that murders in general are the most dangerous types of crimes that can plague any society and that is why most of the world's laws, especially the UAE law, have increased penalties for them. Since its issuance, the UAE Penal Code has shown no leniency towards such crimes as this is highly important for the stability of the society, he said.

To raise awareness among the different segments of the society, the police tend to enhance communication with the youth via social media to familiarise themselves with their problems and try to solve them in such a manner that maintains the security and stability of the society and strengthens the relations between the police and the society, he said.

He underlined the important role of the family in monitoring their children, getting familiar with their friends and advising them to keep away from violence, he added.

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