Wife poisons husband, three children to elope with her lover in Egypt - GulfToday

Wife poisons husband, three children to elope with her lover in Egypt


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The Egyptian security authorities solved the mystery of the death of 3 children and the poisoning of their father, after drinking expired juice in a village in Upper Egypt, Qena Governorate.

Investigations revealed that the victims' mother committed the crime, after taking a decision to get rid of them by putting poison in juice to bond with her lover.

A security source said the police in Qena received a report from the Central Hospital of the arrival of a father and his three children. They were poisoned and fruit juice was found in their stomach.

The report added the three children, aged between 7 and 9, died.

On being interrogated, the security bodies noticed that the victims’ mother’s statements were conflicting, as first claimed the victims drank expired juice, then said they ate a carcinogenic watermelon, and finally said an insecticide fell into the breakfast.

The source added that the conflicting statements raised the suspicions among the investigation team.

Investigations also revealed that there were frequent disagreements between the wife and husband, which made her leave the house several times.

Investigation authorities doubted the wife, and by confronting her, she confesses she was in a romantic relationship with a driver, 26, and they planned to get rid of her husband and children.

The source concluded the driver gave the wife 4 juice bottles he injected with poison, to present to her husband and children.

He also agreed that the wife must make sure the victims were poisoned and were hospitalized.

She then deceived her husband's family with the statement that the victims consumed spoiled juice.

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