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Turkey relaxes quarantine rules for Pakistani students, workers


Pakistani students will be allowed to undergo mandatory quarantine of 10 days at designated dormitories instead of hotels.

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The Turkish government has revised its coronaviurs restriction rules and exempted Pakistani students and workers for hotel quarantine arriving in Turkey from Pakistan, according to the Pakistani embassy in Ankara.

The Pakistani embassy said in a statement, that under the new rules, which are effective from Friday (Aug.6) till Sept.1, 2021, the students will be allowed to self-isolate themselves at designated hostels instead of private hotels for a 10-day period.

They will be self-isolated at the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK)’s Muhteşem Süleyman Dormitory in Istanbul and Tahsin Banguoğlu KYK Dormitory in Ankara.

According to the embassy statement, Pakistani students must present a valid documents to prove that they are receiving higher education in Turkey.

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Pakistani students studying at educational institutions based in provinces other than Ankara or Istanbul, will travel to the states only after the end of the quarantine period in KYK dormitories in the Turkey's capital.

Apart from students, Pakistanis with valid residence and work permits will also be exempted from hotel quarantine and allowed to spend the mandatory self-isolation period at their homes.

However, Pakistani students and Turkish visa holders can only reach their place of residence by private transportation rather than public transportation.

Other than students and Turkish visa holders or work permits, those coming from Pakistan for visit or tourism purposes will be quarantined at the designated private hotels as per previous practice.

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