Over 200 Indians including Embassy staff stuck in Kabul: Report - GulfToday

Over 200 Indians including Embassy staff stuck in Kabul: Report


People try to get into Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Reuters

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More than 200 Indians including Embassy staff stuck and yet to be evacuated from Kabul as the airspace over the Afghan capital city was closed, local media reports on Monday.

The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 8.30am, however Air India which was monitoring the situation decided to operate the flight at 12.30pm.


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At least five killed at Kabul airport

According to the Notam, the airspace has been released to the military and that civil aircraft entering the airspace will not get assistance from Kabul ATC.

Earlier, the AI 244 had taken off at 6.06 pm on Sunday from the Kabul airport, even as the Taliban reached the Afghan capital and were on the verge of taking power.

Expressing despair over the state of affairs in Afghanistan, a woman who de-boarded the flight told reporters in Delhi on Sunday that the world has abandoned Afghanistan.

"Our friends are going to get killed," she added.

The passengers also included diplomats and security officials posted in the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

The situation in Afghanistan worsened further on Sunday, as Kabul was taken over by the Taliban.


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