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Upcoming Camel Trek to end at site of Expo 2020


Last year's Camel Trek. File

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Registration for the upcoming sixth Camel Trek is in full swing as a number of participants residing in the UAE and from different nationalities and backgrounds are being enrolling through the online platforms.

The current edition in the 2021 is the sixth edition of the Camel Trek expedition in which the participants will travel and cross the desert on the back of camels, The trek is to follow the footsteps of locals travelled in the past as of their routine and only means of transport in the desert for days.

It is also mentioned that the trekkers under the guidance of the HHC team will experience the journey in the desert as part of promoting a keeping alive the tradition of locals for the future generations.


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According to the officials at HHC, once the registration is finalised, the selected trekkers will undergo some basic training to survive in the desert and take lessons to ride a camel like a native. The trek is expected to start in the first week of December from the desert in Abu Dhabi and complete the journey of around 700 kilometres. The end-point will be the Expo Dubai site.

The trekkers will cross three emirates in their 10-day journey of 700 km to bear extreme weather in the empty desert while assistance from the organisers will be given to them throughout the journey.

“The registration to enrol the locals and expatriates for the camel trek is under process. Through the series of training sessions, it will help us get to know the willing participants, test their endurance and aid us to better plan for the programme’s schedule. Safety of others is a priority. Especially, during the pandemic and the necessity to apply all precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. As a result, we will customise the number of people in each training session by assigning smaller groups," said Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qemzi, HHC’s Events Director.

“Long years of experience has led us to prepare well in advance for this annual event, from the provision of enhanced services to trekkers, access and ease of training, to a smoother shortlisting process that precedes the actual Camel Trek. Additionally, the training programme has availed an opportunity to members of the local community including UAE’s expats, to learn camel riding even if at certain circumstances, they were unable to join the actual trek," she said.


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