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Uncle slaughters brother’s 4-year-old daughter as an offering to the jinn


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Egyptian media reported that a man in his fifties living in Sohag governorate had slaughtered his brother's 4-year-old daughter as an offering to the jinn, according to local media.

The body was transferred to the Central Hospital mortuary.

The Public Prosecution is conducting an investigation into the incident. It quoted the Governorate Security Directorate that it had received a notification from Akhmim Police Station of a report that a slain girl had been found inside a house.


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The police added that forces moved to the site of the incident and by examination, it was found that a 4-year-old girl was dead, drenched in her blood with a deep slit in the neck in the house of her uncle. The uncle is a tuktuk driver.

Investigations revealed that the uncle of the victim was behind the crime.

During the investigation, the accused confessed to committing the murder and said that he killed the victim at the request of one of the charlatans in the area.

The uncle said that slaughtering a child would lead him to an ancient site.

It would be considered as an offering to the jinn, and it would lead him to the site of an archaeological treasure.

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