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Beggar owns establishment and two cars in Jordan

Photo by Timur Weber from Pexels

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Jordan’s Ministry of Social Development has arrested a person practicing beggary who owns a sole proprietorship with a capital of around $23,000 in addition to two cars, one of which is a 2017 model.

The ministry stated that anti-begging agents in the capital Amman had seized a number of beggars who own property and establishments and have high monthly incomes.

It indicated that one of the beggars receives a monthly income of around $1,557 and owns a private car, while another receives about $561 and owns a car and an establishment in his name.

The Jordanian government recently launched an intensive campaign to monitor the phenomenon, which it described as alarming.

According to Ayman Al Mufleh, Minister of Social Development, as many as 10,000 beggars were arrested since the beginning of this year and a father was referred to the courts of law for abusing the anti-human trafficking by forcing his three daughters to work as beggars.

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