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Three Asians jailed, fined for assault and robbery


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Mohammed Yaseen / Emad El Din Khalil, Staff Reporters

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a gang of three Asians, one of whom is still at large, to three years in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them 12,300 after being convicted of assaulting a businessman with a knife and stealing by coercion a sum of money equal to the fine on a public road with the help of others.

The case dates back to last February when an Asian businessman filed a complaint in which he said he had been assaulted with a knife and robbed of Dhs12,300 by a gang of Asians.

The victim stated in the investigations that on the day of the incident he exchanged a sum of money in US dollars into dirhams from a money exchange company near his residence.

The victim said the convicts and other people assaulted him in different parts of his body before one of them stabbed him twice with a small size knife, while another snatched his wallet.

Recently, the Dubai Court of Appeal ruled that the jail term of a gang of 7 Asians be increased from 3 to 5 years to be followed by deportation after being convicted of stealing Dhs289,000. The court also ruled that they be fined Dhs290,000.

Separately, the Public Health Department of Abu Dhabi City banned practising the “microblading” activity at the beauty centres and men and women salons in Abu Dhabi.  The Department explained that the fine for that activity is Dhs10,000.  The municipality affirmed the continuation of its inspection campaigns on cosmetic centres and men’s saloons to ensure that all health requirements are applied.

The Department of Public Health alerted that all cosmetic products should be valid and not expired, warning against the use of any unknown source products or those which do not have a clear identification card, such as unknown mixtures and oils.

The Department stressed the importance of wearing face masks by all workers at beautification centres and saloons to maintain public health.

The Department also explained that the inspection visits by the field teams to the Personal Cosmetic and Personal Care centres in Abu Dhabi is continuing to ensure that the centres are committed to the public health procedures to maintain the health of everyone to prevent spread of infections.

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