Horrifying videos show how negligence leads to road accidents in Abu Dhabi - GulfToday

Horrifying videos show how negligence leads to road accidents in Abu Dhabi

A videograb shows an accident on Abu Dhabi road.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police will take part in commemorating the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on November 21 in solidarity with the traffic accident victims, shedding more light on the seriousness of traffic accidents and highlighting their intensified prevention efforts to reduce tragedies on roads.

Stressing the importance of concerted efforts by all government and private entities to secure the safety of road users and guarantee their right to life, the Abu Dhabi Police underscored their continuous interest in developing the traffic safety system in co-ordination with partners with a view to reaching the best response rates and providing logistical support for the injured.

The Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers and road users to co-operate in implementing the traffic law and regulations to reduce traffic accidents such as abiding by speed limits, staying focused on the road, avoiding tailgating and helping enhance the safety of drivers and road users.

Celebrating this occasion is aimed at spreading traffic awareness of the importance of co-operation to enhance the existing procedures to reduce road accidents, highlighting traffic safety standards and underlying the need for combined efforts to reduce and avoid accidents, the Abu Dhabi Police said.

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