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Martyrs wrote with blood pages of history, says UAE President Sheikh Khalifa


Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

On the occasion of the Commemoration Day, President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said that the UAE will remain indebted to its heroes who sacrificed their very souls for the sake of their homeland.

"The sacrifices of our martyrs will remain indelible in the conscience of the homeland and our national memory. Their heroic deeds go down in the annals of history as a source of inspiration to ensure our nation's glory, stability and steady advances toward a brighter future," Sheikh Khalifa said in a statement given to 'Nation Shield,' the UAE Armed Forces' magazine.

Below is the statement in full:

"While celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our Union, let’s all give a standing ovation to the martyrs of the homeland. They wrote with their pure blood and valiant sacrifices, bright pages whilst defending our nation, preserving our sovereignty, and maintaining our independence. They were adamant to keep our national flag flying high across all fronts.

We renew our pledge that the UAE leadership will remain faithful to the children of our martyrs and their families. We are a nation that glorifies the values of sacrifice and heroism. God says in the Noble Quran:

"But do not think of those that have been slain in God’s cause a dead. Nay, they are alive! With their Sustainer have they their sustenance. Exulting in that (martyrdom) which God has bestowed upon them out of His bounty. And they rejoice in the glad tiding given to those (of their brethren) who have been left behind and have not yet joined them, that no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve. They rejoice in the glad tiding of God’s blessings and bounty, and (in the promise) that God will not fail to requite the believers."

The Thirtieth of November is a day of appreciation and loyalty, on which our nation — leadership and people — articulates with pride the values of sacrifice and our martyrs' heroic deeds. The UAE flag is a symbol of strength, pride and invincibility. On this day our men and women express their deep thanks and gratitude to those who lost their very souls in protection of the sovereignty of our land.

On this fragrant occasion, and as our country confidently stands on the threshold of a new phase in its history - a new era of development, and economic, political and social growth - I call upon the nation’s youth to learn from the noble values embodied in martyrdom and to take the martyrs as an example to be emulated for excelling themselves in performing their duties and mastering new skills and capabilities.

Great nations are built with determination, leadership, and great sacrifices, thanks to which we fortify our stability, unity and cohesion, in order to protect the State founded by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his brothers, the Founding Fathers, on the values of giving and sacrifices.

We salute the soldiers, officers and leaders of our valiant armed forces, and all members of our security services who’re sparing no effort while protecting the achievements of our nation. We also salute our sons and daughters working in all fields of national duty, including development, services, humanitarian works, and health fields, inside and outside the country.

May God Almighty protect our homeland and bestow His mercy and forgiveness on the souls of our martyrs and perpetuate security and safety for our nation."


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