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15 Sharjah workshops draw young graduates to the media industry


15 Sharjah workshops draw young graduates to the media industry

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) during its successful participation in the just concluded Dawahi Festival 10 conducted as many as 15 workshops on professional opportunities in various media and administrative fields as part of the Job Shadowing Programme.

The Job Shadowing Programme aims to train and prepare young graduates from various communication and journalism colleges and employees from various government and private entities in the country encouraging them to join the media and administration sector with guided by the expertise and insights of the SGMB staff and media professionals.

The Job Shadowing Programme workshops that were held in Al Qarayen Park in Sharjah during the Dawahi Festival, held from December 9 to 31, were attended by more than 300 young graduates and professionals. The workshops helped the prospective candidates acquire the skills such as the media management, organising international events and forums, ensuring media coverage through social media, designing their own publications and websites, editing and television direction. Besides, they learnt the basics such as administrative skills, job interviews, official e-mail correspondence, budgeting and essential legal awareness.

The SGMB is keen, through the Job Shadowing Programme, to spread a culture of knowledge and professional empowerment providing participants with the necessary skills. The Job Shadowing Programme, which had been launched in 2019, is a form of practical training that is based on observation and application, and falls within a specific time plan in which students can benefit from the expertise of professionals and specialists in various media fields. The Dawahi Festival, organised by the Sharjah Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs (SDSVA), is a community based event that aims to promote social and family welfare.

The annual festival provides various forms of entertainment and activities in order to strengthen the bond between families and members of the community, in cooperation with various government and private entities.

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