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Abu Dhabi begins issuing parking permits to visitors of residential villas


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A new measure has eased issuing parking permits for visitors to sectors classified as ‘residential villa’ in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi announced that it has started implementing new amendments concerning the issuing of parking permits to visitors to residential villas.

This will ease the use of those parking spaces, increase convenience, enhance suitability and meet the needs of residents and their visitors, according to an ITC press release issued on Wednesday.

In accordance with the new procedures that are applied in 77 sectors across the emirate, the ITC confirmed that the vehicles of residential villa visitors will not be subjected to fines if they are parked before 02:00am.

If they wish to extend their visit and park their vehicles beyond this hour, they must obtain a parking permit for visiting vehicles by sending a text message for each vehicle separately.

Concurrently, the ITC modified its systems allowing UAE Nationals to add new phone numbers to the ‘Mawaqif’ system to include villa residents as a means to using these numbers to send an SMS and issue daily permits for visitors’ vehicles. This will enable everyone to obtain daily visitor’s permits after 02:00am.

The villa owner or tenant can add their phone numbers to the ‘Mawaqif’ system by contacting the Service Support Centre of the Department of Municipalities and Transport on the toll-free number 800850. They can also send a text message to the number 3009 in the following format: ( space space ), e.g.: Add 050123456 E10).

The ITC explained that if visitors arrive prior to 02:00am, there is no need to take any action by the resident, as long as the vehicles are parked correctly.

If visitors stay beyond 02:00am, the resident must send a text message, regarding each vehicle separately from any of the numbers registered in the ‘Mawaqif’ system to issue a daily visitor’s permit for the vehicle.

Villa residents can obtain two types of visitor’s permits for vehicles. The ‘Events Permit’ can be requested by communicating with the call centre using the system registered phone number.

As for the ‘visitor permit,’ the request must be submitted by the villa permit holder through the phone number registered in Mawaqif System in the following format, (spacespacespace). For example, (AUH4 22278 E21 6), the maximum validity of the permit shall be six hours, starting from the time the request is received, from 02.00am to 08.00am.

The ITC provides this service free of charge to UAE Nationals who own or rent a villa, while non-UAE national visitors’ parking permit fees are calculated according to the system tariff for standard-parking, which is Dhs2 per hour.

A fee is charged for each text message sent as per the service provider's tariffs. The same terms and conditions apply to villa visitors' permits under the ‘Mawaqif’ system, including Fridays and public holidays.

If villa
Parking spaces are used by unknown vehicles or in a way that leads to obstructing traffic and pedestrians or closing the entrances and exits of the villas, the ITC calls on residents to contact the Service Support Centre of the Department of Municipalities and Transport on the toll-free number 800850 to take the necessary measures.

The ITC revealed that the number of requests for visitor
Parking permits to residential villas has reached 871,132 in 2021, distributed over 77 sectors covered by the residential villa Parking
system, including 65 sectors in Abu Dhabi and 12 sectors in the city of Al Ain.


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