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Asians jailed for forcing others to work in a gambling den in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian gang lured job seekers with a fake advertisement on social media to force them to sign an employment agreement to manage electronic gambling.

Two of the gang members were convicted by the Dubai Criminal Court, which ruled that they be jailed and deported after serving their jail term.

The case dates back to last October when an Asian lodged a complaint stating that he and other Asians had been detained, assaulted and threatened with death by other Asians.

According to his testimony in the investigations, the victim said he and a colleague of his arrived in the UAE on a visit visa to seek a job, adding that his colleague found a job advertisement and they called the advertiser for an interview.

The complainant went on to say that he and his colleague headed to the specified location, where they found 3 other people waiting for the interview.

Another man who posed as employment officer came in and distributed work agreements on the attendees.

After reading the employment agreement, they found that it was an agreement to run a den for electronic gambling and refused to sign the agreements.

Moments later, some 10 people from inside the company appeared, closed the doors and started threatening to kill and bury them in the desert.

They decided subsequently to assault one of them with solid objects after stripping him of his clothes in order to force the others to sign the agreement.

All the victims signed the agreement and were kept in the company but the complainant managed to escape and inform the police.

A policeman in the investigations stated that a team of detectives arrived at the scene, where they found a number of people, who said they had been assaulted, threatened and kept in the flat for 6 hours.

The detectives arrested two of the gang members who were present, while the other gang members had fled the scene before the police arrived.

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