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Warehouse keeper jailed, fined for stealing suction pipes worth Dhs45,000


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court sentenced an Asian to one month in jail to be followed by deportation and fined him Dhs45,000 on charges of stealing 20 suction tubes worth Dhs45,000 from a contracting company, in which he worked as warehouse keeper, and selling the same to another.

The case dates back to last July when a project support co-ordinator at a contracting company filed a complaint in which he stated that their warehouse keeper had stolen tubes that belonged to the company.

According to his statement, the complainant received an online request from the warehouse keeper that tubes were needed for a project.

The required shipment was delivered to a driver but no receipt was printed due to an error in the company’s intranet.

The complainant went on to say that after checking the transaction the following day, the warehouse keeper was found to having entered the system and deleted his request although the tubes had already been received by the company’s driver.

The company reported to the police that its warehouse keeper stole goods worth Dhs4.6 million from the company over his years of service.

On interrogation, the warehouse keeper, 29, confessed to having stolen the tube shipment with an estimated value of Dhs45,000 and selling the same to another for Dhs23,000 because he needed money for his wife’s medical treatment.

He, however, denied the other charges mentioned in the internal auditor’s report.

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