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Over 2,000 attend paediatric event in Dubai

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The 3-day summit was held in Hilton Hotel, Habtoor City Dubai.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Over 2,000 experts in the field of paediatrics have attended the sixth edition of the International Paediatric Summit held in Dubai under the theme of ‘Healthy Children for Bright Future” with the support of the UAE Federation of The Arab Paediatric Societies.

The 6th edition of the summit witnessed the huge participation of over 2,000 experts in the field of paediatrics to attend more than 60 activities including workshops, lectures and on-site experiences to learn about the new findings, updates in medical equipment related to paediatrics and newborn diseases from the region and the world.


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The 3-day summit was held in Hilton Hotel, Habtoor City Dubai under the patronage of Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Dr. Eslam Al Baroudy, Professor/Consultant Paediatrician at Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, in his capacity as the conference’s president, said that the conference is gaining international importance as it brings together hundreds of Arab and foreign paediatricians in various specialities from the Middle East, the Gulf and the world, noting that the conference is witnessing this year’s attendance. Remarkably, it reached 2,000 people, and included more than 60 activities ranging from lectures by experts and specialists, to workshops and open social sessions attended by hundreds of families and mothers.

He said that the conference presents the latest research and medical sciences related to the treatment of children’s diseases, with the participation of about 50 medical institutions that support rare diseases, autism problems, speech difficulties, digestive and functional disorders, in addition to providing advice for the integration of children of determination into society.

Dr. Eslam Al Baroudy revealed that the conference is organising a community initiative entitled ‘The Voice of the International Summit’ which will witness more than 800 guests including mothers interact directly with doctors of various specialities from all over the country in a live session in which doctors provide special consultations to attend on everything related to diseases and problems of the child to ensure the benefit for all.

According to Dr Al Baroudy, the conference is expected to come up with important medical recommendations on the treatment of kidney diseases, rare diseases and speech problems in children, which will be printed in a booklet to be distributed to attendees and visitors to benefit from the output and advice of specialised doctors.

The conference included scientific lectures and specialised workshops on paediatric diseases, presented by a number of experts and specialised doctors from inside and outside the UAE, which included educating mothers about proper child nutrition, clinical and parental nutrition for sick children and how to choose antibiotics.

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