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African guard helps compatriots steal Dhs600,000 from his employer’s vehicle


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an African security guard and four compatriots, two of whom are fugitives, to 2 years in jail on charges of stealing Dhs600,000 from the vehicle of their own employer.

They all will be deported after serving the jail term.

The crime, which dates back to October 2021, took place in the Nada Al Sheba area in Dubai, when the victim discovered that Dhs600,000 had been stolen from two bags from inside his vehicle.

He stated that he found that the windows of his vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot of his villa, had been broken.

He added that by reviewing the surveillance cameras, he found that the African security guard allowed a number of people to enter the villa, and then he broke the vehicle’s window, while the others stole the two bags containing Dhs600,000 and fled the place so he informed the police.

A policeman testified that an investigation team arrested the guard and two others, and during the interrogation the guard confessed that he had connived with four compatriots to steal the money of the businessman he worked for.

The guard claimed the victim was into gambling and hid the money in two bags in his vehicle.

He added that the two bags contained Dhs600,000 and that his share in the stolen amount was Dhs150,000 which was sent to his home, while the rest of the amount was distributed among the others equally.

The other two suspects confessed that their friend, the security guard, connived with them and two others to steal the businessman’s money.

They added he specified the time of the theft and sent the location of the villa to them via WhatsApp.

They reportedly headed to the site at 3.00am, where he was waiting for them.

They then broke the windows of the victim’s vehicle and stole Dhs600,000 from inside while the victim was gambling with compatriots inside the villa, and then they fled the place.

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