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Dhs50,000 fine for violating quarantine measures for travellers coming to Dubai and Sharjah

Dubair International Airport

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Emaduddin Khalil, Gulf Today

The UAE Digital Government (DGOV), the official portal of UAE Government, has affirmed that passengers coming to the UAE, via Dubai or Sharjah airports must remain in self-quarantine until a negative PCR test result appears.

If the result is positive, however, arriving passengers must follow the instructions of the health authority in their respective emirates, considering that a fine of Dhs50,000 will be imposed on those who violate their home quarantine measures, the DGOV said.

The DGOV indicated that passengers coming to Abu Dhabi, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated do not need to perform a COVID-19 lab test upon arrival, adding that Abu Dhabi also exempted arriving passengers from quarantine procedures.

Though the lab test is no longer mandatory, a COVID-19 test facility at the airport remains open to any visitor who wishes to conduct it for the ‘Green Pass’ system to be activated in the Al Hosn app. for easy access to public places and tourist areas in Abu Dhabi, the DGOV said, adding that the test fee is Dhs40.

Through its website, the DGOV explained that passengers should perform a COVID-19 lab test upon arrival in Dubai (only if they are asked to do so), adding that if the test result is positive, passengers should be subjected to self-quarantine until they obtain a negative result and should follow the instructions issued by the Dubai Health Authority.

Arriving passengers at Sharjah Airport are required to conduct a lab test upon arrival regardless of their negative reports at their respective departure airports, the DGOV said, noting that they must apply self-quarantine at their place of residence and wait for the result. If the result is positive, the precautionary measures in force in accordance with the Ministry of Health and Prevention will apply in this case, the DGOV added.

The DGOV called on the public wishing to view all procedures and the latest information and updates to visit the website of the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, official health regulatory authorities, UAE airlines and UAE airports.

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