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Meet the Ukrainian professor who teaches students from frontline trenches, while defending his homeland

Professor Fedor Shandor giving lectures to his students.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

In normal situations, he works at Uzhhorod University, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, he enlisted in the army to protect his homeland Ukraine. He does not want to leave his students and finds a way to teach them.

Meet Professor Fedor Shandor of the University of Uzhhorod, in Ukraine.

Apart from an assault rifle, he is armed with pens, a notebook, and a sat-phone to communicate with his students from the war zone.

So far there is nothing strange, except for the fact that the professor wears a camouflage suit, takes up a rifle when in need and is teaching from a trench.

Yes, he is fighting on the frontline against the Russians but he does not want to give up on his students.

Ukraine-Soldier-1 A Ukrainian serviceman takes position along a trench. AFP

A fellow soldier photographed him while he was communicating with students, and the photo went viral.

It became a symbol of Ukraine that resists and struggles to have a future.


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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukraine shared the photo, Fedor Shandor, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Uzhhorod National University, President of Transcarpathian Tourist Organization, gives a lecture to his students.”

Mariana Betsa, Ambassador of Ukraine to Estonia, also shared the photo on Twitter. 

She wrote, “This is professor of Uzhhorod National University Fedor Shandor. He lectures to his students from the frontline #StopRussia #StandWithUkraine.”

The soldier-professor immediately enlisted as soon as Kremlin troops attacked Ukraine.

"I have been in the army for 70 days. I went to the military registration and enlistment office immediately after February 24.

“But I did not give up on lessons with the students. Not even one was missed."

Social media users were astonished by Fedor’s dedication.

A Twitter user, Eric Smart wrote, “......what people are this, superhumans!!! Every single day, we learn something heroic from them, from cleaning bombed streets to doing daily chores!!! The people of Ukraine!!!”

Syed Khaleque said, “Every day we witness the bravery of the Ukrainian people. The world stands behind you.”

In Mariupol, around fifty civilians were evacuated on Friday from the besieged steel plant, the last pocket of Ukrainian resistance against Russian forces in the city, Kyiv said, but reports of renewed firing cast doubt on a promised truce.

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