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Divorced mother throws baby off bridge to take revenge on ex-husband, jailed

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A criminal court in Egypt has sentenced a divorced woman to 15 years in jail after being convicted of throwing her two-year-old baby girl into the Nile waters and attempting to throw the second baby.

While the first daughter drowned, passers-by managed to save the second.

In her testimony before the court, the mother said she did so to break the heart of her ex-husband after he had deserted her and her daughters following divorce and told her of his intention to get married to another woman.

Accordingly, the woman with the daughters left the village in the Belqas of Dakahlia Governorate to Cairo to carry out the plot.

The court said that this mother was stripped of all human feelings when she committed that crime, adding that the divine providence saved the second daughter, 8, from certain death when her clothes got stuck on the wall of the Qasr el Nil Bridge and the passers-by could rescue her.

In 2020, an Iraqi woman threw her two children over a bridge on the Tigris River in central Baghdad.

A surveillance camera captured the moment the heinous crime was committed.

The Iraqi security forces arrested the woman and took her into custody. 

It was learned that the woman committed the act due to disagreements with her divorced husband, the father of the two children.

After repeated questioning, the woman confessed to the act, saying that she had done so due to a dispute with her ex-husband and that she wanted to take revenge.

Iraqi media spoke to Abu Tahsin Deraji, the children’s paternal grandparent.

Tahsin said, “This crime had been long planned for. It has been nearly two months since this woman separated from her husband.”

Tahsin also said the woman is of bad character. He said we caught her in January with her lover.

After that we never spoke about this matter in any place, nor did we show the photographs to anyone.

The incident happened on Al-Aimmah Bridge, which connects the areas of Adhamiya.

Following an extensive search operation, the security teams were able to locate the bodies of the children.

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