VIDEO: Sudanese man burns millions of pounds after falling victim to a massive fraud - GulfToday

VIDEO: Sudanese man burns millions of pounds after falling victim to a massive fraud


A videograb shows fake pounds on fire.

Gulf Today Report

A Sudanese set fire to millions of Sudanese pounds and documented the burring of the currency in a video clip that sparked ire on social networking sites, with many wanting to know the reasons that prompted him to do so.

The video, which first appeared on “TikTok” platform, witnessed a wide interaction, and then spread on all social media sites, shows the burning of banknotes of five hundred pounds.

According to local media, the man justified his action by saying that he was subjected to a massive fraud. He said that the money he received were fake pounds.

He also added, according to the media, that he burned the money, so that no one else would fall into the trap, like him.

UAE warns of scam

The UAE authorities have warned against fraudulent calls claiming to be from the UAE Central Bank and a text message in the name of police as proof of the correctness of the information that requests banking details of clients.

The authorities also warned of links to fraudulent electronic sites, including small text messages that simulate government institutions and troll the public and tempt them with advantages of cooperating with government agencies through their websites.

They also warned against the renewed methods of scammers and fraudsters to lure victims after obtaining information related to their bank accounts and reusing that data again, to withdraw funds from their bank accounts.

The authorities also advised the public not to share their confidential information with anyone, including bank account or bank card information, online banking passwords, ATM PINs, CVV (Card Verification Value) number or passwords, affirming that bank employees and banks would never ask for such information.






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