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VIDEO: Swimmers beat shark with mop, scare away the predator off Turkiye beach


A videograb shows a swimmer beats up the shark with a mop.

Gulf Today Report

A viral video clip showed a shark getting beaten by swimmers off the beaches of Marmaris, southwest of Turkiye.

The video shows the shark getting close to those inside the water, as one of them hits the fish with a mop to frighten it, which moves away from them without harming anyone.

Several videos on social media show the shark's fins poking out as it floats on the Marmaris coast.

Tourists and local residents can be seen standing in the shallow waters as the shark circles around them.

The local authorities in Marmaris commented on the incident, stressing that the shark that appeared in the video was a Mediterranean shark, which does not pose a danger, and confirmed that it was not a predatory shark.

In a similar incident, but in the United States of America, a predatory shark approached a beach off Suffolk County, New York State, USA.

The predator suddenly attacked a marine lifeguard while he was in the water participating in a training exercise with his fellow lifeguards, CNN reported.

The swimmer was severely injured, after he confronted the predatory shark attack with his hands, but he miraculously escaped death after being bitten in the hand and chest.

A somewhat similar incident occurred on a beach in Hurghada in Egypt a few days ago, after a shark attacked two women who were swimming in the water.

The shark, according to an official statement from the Egyptian government, killed them.

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