Four babies born in the first few hours of Eid Al Adha in UAE - GulfToday

Four babies born in the first few hours of Eid Al Adha in UAE

A combo image shows the babies born on Saturday morning.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women and Children in Abu Dhabi welcomed three newborns during the early hours of the morning of the first day of Eid Al-Adha.

Dr Muhaimin Abdel Ghani, Executive Director of the hospital, said, “Here we are celebrating the blessed Eid Al-Adha for 2022, rejoicing at the arrival of newborns, bringing the number of births in the hospital to 29,153, since the birth of the first child in the hospital in 2015, including 15,184 females and 13,969 males.

The number of Emiratis born in the hospital is 16,172.

“We are proud of our medical and nursing staff, who provide excellent care for mothers and newborns around the clock.”

The Emirati family of Sultan Hassan, was the first to celebrate baby girl. The girl was born healthy, and they named her Dana. 

She saw the light at 3:48 am on the first day of Eid. Her father said, “The birth of our daughter Dana on the first day of Eid was a wonderful gift for us. She is our second child and she has brought joy to our hearts. God made her the apple of our eyes and one of the righteous children. We thank God that she and her mother are in good health. I thank the staff of Danat Al Emarat Hospital for their continuous care of my wife and child during childbirth.”

The second baby was born in the hospital, at 3:51 am, to a Jordanian family.

The baby born to Jordanian couple has not yet been named.

The girl's father said, "God willing, our daughter was born on the first day of Eid, and her brothers were eagerly awaiting the day of her birth. We thank God that she and her mother are in good health. Our joy is doubled on this blessed day.”

As for the third born in the hospital, it belonged to the Emirati family of Mussalam Mohammed Alrashdi.

The bay girl Asma was born at 7:09 am.

Her father said, “We are really fortunate that our newborn has seen the light safely, and the joy of Eid has become two joys, and thanks to God, she came to celebrate the Eid with us. We would like to thank all the medical and nursing staff at the hospital.”

The hospital administration distributed flowers and sweets to the patients residing in the hospital, to celebrate the blessed Eid.

In Ras Al Khaimah, a baby girl was born at 6:46 am at RAK Hospital.

The girl, Maria Hussam Abu Awwad, (weight: 3.640 kg) was born to a Jordanian family.


Maria was born to Hussam Abu Awwad and Dina Awwad.

Parents said, “They are very happy about the first baby.

RAK Hospital, Executive Director, Dr. Raza Siddiqui said, "Becoming a parent is the most wonderful moment and when you get your most precious gift on the joyous occasion of EID then it just doubles the celebration. We are very happy to be part of their journey to parenthood and wish baby Maria a beautiful, healthy and happy future."

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