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Reduction of single-use plastic bags made positive and significant impact: Union Coop

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Dr Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Department at Union Coop, confirmed that consumers had interacted positively with the decision to limit single-use plastic bags since its implementation on July 1, 2022.

He added that consumers are using recyclable and environmentally friendly bags that can be used multiple times while making a purchase.

He pointed out that most consumers are buying high-quality, environmentally friendly and multi-use bags from Union Coop, which eliminates the need to purchase single-use plastic bags for the supermarket itself.

He pointed out that this interaction indicates the completion of the awareness operations carried out by Union Coop to achieve the ultimate goal of this sustainable initiative. The cooperative continues to provide approved alternatives to single-use bags, calling for avoiding the use of plastic bags in general because of their damage to the environment and choosing a sustainable lifestyle to help protect the environment and its diversity.

He indicated that since the first day of implementing the decision to limit plastic bags, the cooperative has provided alternatives with high-quality environmental-friendly specifications. These are paper bags available at AED21 per 12 pieces approximately, and cloth bags at a price of AED3.26 per bag. The consumer can use them multiple times to make purchases, where their symbolic and economical prices have been announced previously, as their prices are considered competitive.

He also indicated that the interaction of shoppers with the decision to reduce plastic bags pushes all the target parties to continue to achieve their goal of promoting sustainable living in the Emirate of Dubai and gradually creating a sustainable environment. He pointed out that the Union Coop realised that harmony with the initiative takes a specific time as it is something new, but at the same time confirms that society in all its categories can take positive steps towards using reusable bags several times. It is a step that contributes to providing a healthy environment for all in the near future.


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