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Dubai Police arrest jewellery thieves minutes before their flight takes off


The suspects under police custody.

In a swift operation Dubai Police recently arrested two Europeans for stealing expensive jewellery from a store within 12 hours after receiving the theft report.

Dubai Police apprehended thieves, who wore eyeglasses and wigs to deceive police, just minutes before their flight was to take off.

The arrest was made after the Dubai Police Command & Control Centre received an emergency call reporting some expensive jewellery stolen from a jewellery shop display. Security patrols were immediately dispatched to the scene and spoke to the shop owner, who confirmed the theft.

Dubai Police then reviewed the CCTV footage showing the suspects committing their crime while hiding their identity by wearing face masks and flat hats.

Thorough investigations revealed that the suspects had entered a building under construction and disguised themselves before they committed their crime, using simple and silent tools to break into the display and steal the jewellery.

Dubai Police collected evidence, lifted fingerprints off the crime scene, and tracked the suspects’ movements.

They further concluded that the suspects had left the crime scene, entered a building under construction to change their attire, and returned to their hotel, leaving their shoes and disguise tools behind in a landfill for construction waste.

Upon inspecting the suspects’ hotel room, Dubai Police recovered a torn piece of paper detailing the crime plot and method. They then pursued the suspects who had boarded a plane in an attempt to escape the country.

Dubai Police arrested the suspects, recovered the stolen jewellery from one of their bags, and seized the crime tools in their possession.

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